Meet Victoria Michael

Victoria Michael is a global brand that believes high-quality eyewear should be a fashion accessory…
available at affordable prices.

We design, manufacture and sell our own exclusive VM designer eyewear in stores and kiosks featuring our brand name. Here, our inventory is on display, within your reach – both to try and to buy.

Our approach caters to the fashion sense of customers – women, men and children – who wear eyewear to see better and to look better – reflecting their sense of fashion and personality, which often change with the clothes they wear and the company they keep.

We believe eyewear is an accessory that punctuates your appearance – like shoes, bags, hats, scarves and jewelry – so Victoria Michael eyewear is collectable…while caring for your eyes. 

It is our mission to bring this vision to life.

Victoria Michael: Choose Your Style.


The most important aspect of eyewear is to protect our eyes.

All eyewear must pass quality inspections in order to be sold under the Victoria Michael brand name. This verifies that our eyewear meets the quality standards of the United States, the European Community and other country-specific guidelines.

VM sunglasses all include UV filters for eye protection and all coatings are tested and approved. Our frames are mostly manufactured from hypoallergenic plastic, acetate and metal. We also carry a line of recyclable, handmade bamboo frames, which are priced higher than most of our designs, due to the cost of sourcing the raw materials.